Image of Mexican food on table with cutlery
Image of Mexican food on table with cutlery
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Amelia's Food Cart

Amelia's Food Cart is the perfect place to get a quick meal and enjoy some of the same menu items from our restaurant or a smoothie to keep your energy up! We're located in the BG Food Cartel Pod in Beaverton on Rose Biggi Ave. Use the link above to get our map.

Antojitos y Platos

1. Azabache Plate______________________$9
2. Tostada de Tinga____________________$9
3. Pupusas_____________________________$8
4. Tostada Oaxaquena___________$7 & $9
5. Elote Loco__________________________$4
6. Chile Relleno Plate_________________$9
7. Bolilo de Chilaquiles________________$8
8. Empanadas Plate___________________$9
9. Bolilo de Tamal_____________________$8
10. Huarache Plate____________________$9
11. Sopes Plate________________________$9
12. Tacos Sudados_____________________$6
13. Pambazo___________________________$7
14. Fish Taco Plate_____________________$9
15. Tamale Plate_______________________$9
16. Esquites____________________________$6
17. Jugos Naturales_____________________$6
18. Mangonada_________________________$5
19. Sandiada___________________________$5
20. Tamarinada_________________________$5
21. Bionicos____________________________$8
22. Fruta D.F.___________________________$6
23. Fruit on a Stick_____________________$4
24. Concha con Helado_________________$6

Licuados and Smoothies

fresh fruit smoothies

15. Anti-Inflammatory

carrot, mango, banana, ginger, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, turmeric, and orange juice__________$6

16. Super Energy Charger

green apple, parsley, walnut, coconut water, and lemon juice______________________________$6

17. Antioxidant Boosting Power

bluberries, strawberries, banana, yogurt, chia, pomegranate juice, and green tea__________$6

18. Brain Power

acai, blackberries, banana, strawbeeries, almonds, chia, and coconut milk________________$6

19. Green Juice

green apple, pineapple, spinach, ginger, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, turmeric, and orange juice_____$6

20. Slim Down

carrot, celery, parsley, and spinach___________________________________________________________$6

21. Fat Burning

lettuce, parsley, cucumber, orange, celery, kale, ginger_______________________________________$6