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Amelia's offers the best Mexican food in Hillsboro!

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Happy Hour

Amelia's offers some tasty options during Happy Hour. Whether you are looking for a quick bite and a drink before you call it a day, or you are meeting up with some friends to share, we have you covered. Click the image below to learn more. These are some of our most popular small plate and happy hour items.

image of shrimp appetizer image of single quesadilla at happy hour Image of 3 street tacos by amelias image of tacquitos plate at amelia's. image of large quesadilla platter from Amelia's

Or...thirsty? Our specialty cocktails are awesome!

image of amelia's famous margarita and cocktail menu image of jalapeno margarita image of strawberry margarita by Amelia's image of Michelada by Amelia's image of Oaxaca Old Fashoned by Amelia's image of Fresa Bellini by Amelia's


Each restaurant has items that have become "favorites" for our regular customers. If you have never been here and are looking for an idea to try, check out these:

image of fish tacos by Amelia's image of enchiladas verdes by Amelia's image of pozole by Amelia's image of molcajete by Amelia's image of tamales by Amelia's image of tacos al carbon image of burrito loco by Amelia's


Amelia's had made a great effort to incorporate vegetarian and vegan items into our menu. We are proud to be able to offer these filling and delicious options to our vegetarian/vegan customers.

image of chile relleno con verduras image of enchiladas jarochas by amelia's image of santa fe steak by Amelia's image of tostada Oaxacena by Amelia's image of vegan burrito Santa Maria

Sweet Tooth

Amelia's also offers some excellent treats for those with a sweet tooth. From something tasty to sip on to a fruit-inspired tamale, this will hit the spot.

image of sweet tamale by Amelia's image of Mexican hot chocolate from Amelia's image of blackberry and pineapple sweet tamales by Amelia's

Interior Shots

Both of our locations have been recently updated. We offer a clean & comfortable setting with lively colors and rustic decoration. While the Rustic location is a bit larger, the 4th Ave. restaurant has been expanded and both are great for casual business lunches or dinners as well! During warmer weather, patio seating is available at both.

image of Amelia's Rustic interior image of Amelia's Rustic interior area imge of Amelia's Exquisite location image of Amelia's Exquisition location image of Amelia's Rustic location image of Amelia's Rustic location image of Amelia's Rustic location

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4th Ave. Reservations:

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